Ian Mitchell: Lecturer of Graphic Arts. Liverpool School of Art & Design. Research Interests: Letterforms / Symbols / Typography / Beaufonts / Interactive Typography / Motion Graphics / Animation / Film Titles / Generative Design / Collaborative Projects / Ideas / Interaction. Research Projects: Potassium | Predict | 7090 | Bambino | Ten | LetterFormer | Chinese Whispers | Realm of Fear | SquarePusher | Don't Panic This Is Beaufonts.
Realm of Fear: Symbols / Collaborative Projects / Ideas / Interaction (2000)

predict image 1image of Realm of Fear consoleimage of Realm of Fear console

An interactive installation/exhibition debating the 'Campaign for Digital Disarmament' at the Video Positive 2000 Festival. Based around the form of the "beat-em-up" computer game 'The Realm of Fear' pitted a collection of characters against one another. These characters were figurative, abstract or typographic. They represented people, ideas and were political, provocative and/or controversial.

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Video Positive, Static Gallery, Liverpool (2000)

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