Ian Mitchell: Lecturer of Graphic Arts. Liverpool School of Art & Design. Research Interests: Letterforms / Symbols / Typography / Beaufonts / Interactive Typography / Motion Graphics / Animation / Film Titles / Generative Design / Collaborative Projects / Ideas / Interaction. Research Projects: Potassium | Predict | 7090 | Bambino | Ten | LetterFormer | Chinese Whispers | Realm of Fear | SquarePusher | Don't Panic This Is Beaufonts.
Chinese Whispers: Letterforms / Typography / Interactive Typography / Generative Design / Ideas (2000)

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A unique experiment to create a family of fonts designed collaboratively by international participants through the generative online process of chinese whispers. Internationally renowned typographers/designers Erik Van Blokland (The Hague), Tobias Frere-Jones (New York), Jonathan Hitchen (Manchester), David Crow (Manchester) and Yaki Molcho (Tel Aviv) were invited to establish the aesthetic starting point for each typeface. In total over 180 people from 23 countries around the world contributed to the project. The results/fonts were/are downloadable from the project website and published in a 32 page catalogue.

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The Typographic Experiment: Radical Innovation in Contemporary Type Design by Teal Tiggs (2003)
Visible Signs by David Crow (2003)
Type 1 Digital Typeface Design by Nathan Gale (2002)
Interactive Design for the Internet : Digital Media Design by Paul Farrington (2002)
Responses: Intercultural Drawing Practice by CAIR (2001)
CRDVD01: Fun with Type Creative Review DVD ROM (2001)

i-D: No. 206 The inspiration issue, pg.44. (February 2001)
Creative Review: pg.10. (October 2000)

Microsoft Typography News

Typo_Move OneDotZero09, ICA, London (31 May 2005)
FFF15: International Typography Exhibition, MMU, Manchester (Feb 2005)

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